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Basic Guide

This is a 5 minute read that helps you understand most of the in-and-outs of Form.

What is, or Form, is a self-service form builder for public officers to create online forms that capture classified data, with the goal of replacing paper forms. Since launching in September 2017, Form has replaced tens of thousands of paper forms and is used by over 90 public agencies including MOM, MOE, PA, SportSG and TTSH. More than 25,000 public officers are users of Form today. Form comes with powerful functionality including user verification and conditional logic, enabling public officers to design not just simple surveys but also complex and feature-rich forms.

Who can use Form?

Form is built for the public sector and public healthcare clusters. There is no onboarding process. Simply log in with your agency email (e.g. Form is accessible from both the Internet and Singapore Government Intranet.

Is Form accessible on the Intranet?

Yes! Since start of 2020, has been accessible on WOG Intranet in addition to the Internet. If you still cannot access on your Intranet, please contact us for help.

How does Form keep my data secure?

Form provides users with two options for secure form data management - Storage mode and Email mode.

In Email mode, form responses are sent directly to user-specified email addresses. Form does not store form response data in our servers. Therefore, it is critical that email addresses are correctly specified and mailboxes are not over-capacity, or else form responses will be lost.

In Storage mode, your responses are encrypted end-to-end and stored in encrypted format, ensuring that only form administrators can access and view responses. During form creation, the user’s client generates a secret key that is never seen by the Form server, and is used to access and view responses. The secret key is also used to activate your form. Upon response submission, the respondent’s client encrypts the response using the corresponsing public key, before the encrypted response is sent to Form servers for storage.

Both these options ensure that should our servers be compromised, attackers would not be able to view form response data.

Data Classification and Information Sensitivty

What data classification (RCST) can Form handle?

As a general rule, all forms should only handle up to Restricted-classified individual responses. It is up to respective agencies on how they would classify their data and FormSG does not govern what and how agencies collect the data. However, the detailed breakdown is as follows:

On Email mode, Form can handle up to Restricted-classified individual responses, and Confidential-classified data collections. This is because Form is a Restricted system that can manage Restricted data flowing through it, but ultimately data is stored in your government email, or SGMail, which is a Confidential system that lets you store Confidential collections of data. However, if you specify a non-government email to send responses to, then you are not recommended to accept data that is classified as Confidential.

On Storage mode, Form can handle up to Restricted-classified individual responses and data collections.

What information sensitivity (ISF) can Form handle?

Form’s Email mode has in-principle approval from the Smart Nation and Digital Government Office (SNDGO) to support Sensitive High data.

Form’s Storage mode has similar approval from SNDGO to support Sensitive Normal data, and review is undergoing to support Sensitive High data.

Is Form free to use for public agencies?

Yes, officers can build any number of forms to collect any number of submissions for free.

The only exception is having to pay for SingPass or CorpPass authentication. If your agency has a high volume of SPCP transactions each month, the price per login can be low. At the base tier, the price of SPCP is about $0.25 per login, with a fixed fee of about $2,000/month. We won’t be able to advise you on the latest pricing info, and you should contact SPCP rep for it.

Is Form really up 24/7?

Yes, we are up 24/7. There is no planned maintenance window. Typically once a few months we have a 2 hour maintenance window from 12am - 2am, but most features are constantly deployed without downtime. Because we do not charge for the service, we do not have an SLA but have a measured uptime of 99.999% since we launched. The exception is SingPass and CorpPass, which do have planned maintenance, with which you can contact SPCP rep to find out more.

How will I be informed of any issues with my form?

We have multiple tests and detection tools to flag issues on forms. If we detect an issue with your form we will email you. Although rare, if the entire platform has downtime, we will announce it on Workplace@Facebook, and enable a maintenance page on all forms. We have engineers on-call 24/7 to react to issues as fast as we can. If there are issues with your form, you can contact us through our Support Form.

What are some features of Form?

There are many features of Form and the best way to learn about them is to log in and explore the tool. Here’s a brief list of some of the features available:

How many questions can I put in a form?

Our longest forms have more than 400 questions, and more than 100 deployed forms have 100 questions and more. To make forms easier to fill, form creators used Logic/Branching to shorten their forms and only show relevant questions.

Can Form manage a high volume of responses?

Some of our forms already have a high number of responses. In January 2020, more than a million submissions went through Form.

Can I access Form from anywhere in the world?

As long as you have an Internet/WOG Intranet connection you can access from all around the world. Note that to log in to create forms you will also need access to your government email to retrieve the OTP.

Who do you ask for help or keep updated?

The fastest way to get help is to join our Workplace@Facebook group and post a question there. Our group name is [WOG] Fellow form creators and ourselves will readily respond within hours if not minutes.

You may also consult experts in your agency, or “Agency Pros” for help via this list.

For bug reports or technical issues happening to your live form, please fill in our Support Form.

For feature requests, please fill in as Feature Requests.

Is under the FormSG team?

Yes. The email is under the FormSG team so please do not be alarmed if you have received emails from this email address.

Any mails to will be directed to the email above.

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